What my mom taught me


Mother’s Day is nearly upon us. As I scramble to come up with a halfway decent gift (remember when we could get away with handmade cards and coupons for hugs?), I keep thinking about how much my mom has shaped my food philosophy and nurtured my love of cooking. So I thought I’d share a few of the lessons I’ve learned about food, cooking and life from my mom, Madeline.

  • Cooking dinner for people means you get to be the first one to have wine.
  • Don’t fear any recipe/dish/ingredient. The worst thing that will happen is you fail, which isn’t so bad because you can always just make eggs or order pizza.
  • Don’t waste food. Even leftovers. Even if you don’t like eating leftovers. Same goes for withered lettuce (pick it out!), moldy cheese (cut it off!) and expired milk (smell it first!).
  • Restaurants are great because you don’t have to clean the dishes.
  • Cheese omelets are just as good for dinner as they are for breakfast.
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables every single day. No matter what.
  • Don’t overcook fish! (She’s from the East Coast.)
  • If someone at your table doesn’t ask for seconds, they probably didn’t like the food.
  • If you can make a whole meal in one pot, you’ve succeeded.
  • Food is love. You should say this one aloud every day, because it’s absolutely true.

Love you, Mama. Thanks for making me want to be a cook. (And yes, you’re still getting a real gift on Sunday.)

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